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The 10 Best Furniture Shops and Manufacturers in Hitchin

  • 1 - 46%
    Modern Homes UK Ltd - Hitchin

    7 Burford Way, Hitchin Oughton. Hitchin. SG5 2UY Show phone number

    Contemporary furniture including dining tables and chairs, bathroom vanity units and living room furniture such as coffee tables, bedroom furniture, consoles and...

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  • 2 - 31%
    John Spencer - Hitchin

    5 Bancroft Court, Hitchin Highbury. Hitchin. SG5 1LH Show phone number

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  • 3 - 24%
    Clement Joscelyne Ltd. - Hitchin

    111-112 Bancroft, Hitchin Bearton. Hitchin. SG5 1LT Show phone number

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  • 4 - 24%
    The Craft House - Hitchin

    15 Churchgate, Hitchin Highbury. Hitchin. SG5 1DN Show phone number

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  • 5 - 24%
    Dove Tail - Hitchin

    16-17 Hermitage Road, Charlton, Hitchin Bearton. Hitchin. SG5 1BT Show phone number

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  • 6 - 24%
    Objets DArt Interiors - Hitchin

    11 Hermitage Road, Hitchin Bearton. Hitchin. SG5 1BS Show phone number

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  • 7 - 24%
    Philpotts of Hitchin Ltd. - Hitchin

    10 Sun Street, Hitchin Highbury. Hitchin. SG5 1AQ Show phone number

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  • 8 - 24%
    Clement Joscelyne - Hitchin

    111 Bancroft, Hitchin Bearton. Hitchin. SG5 1LT Show phone number

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  • 9 - 19%
    Henry Gross - Hitchin

    39 Knowl Piece, Hitchin Bearton. Hitchin. SG4 0TY

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  • 10 - 19%
    Durham Pine - Hitchin

    16-17 Hermitage Road, Hitchin Bearton. Hitchin. SG5 1BT

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  • 19%
    Red Retro Furniture - Hitchin

    Walsworth Road, Hitchin Bearton. Hitchin. SG4 9SX

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  • modern furniture for the living roomDo you need to buy a new couch? Or is it outdoor furniture what you are looking for? Whatever home furnishings or office furniture are provided by the best furniture stores in Hitchin.

    When we are planning our home decoration, we tend to think of either contemporary furniture or rustic furniture. However, there are possibilities in-between. Correctly combining different styles will provide your home with the personalized look you are looking for.

    It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for furniture for the bedroom, the kitchen or furniture for the living room. You will surely agree if we say that functionalism and easy maintenance are as important as appearance.

    Infoisinfo offer you a directory that includes the best places to buy furniture in Hitchin. Some of the furniture stores and furniture warehouses also organize furniture showrooms where you could spot beautiful leather chairs, desks, loveseat sofas and many more items.

    Tips on buying home furniture

    It is always good to keep an eye on the trends, but also there are some keys you should always keep in mind.

    1. Think of the basic pieces you need to buy and the space. Measure the space and plan how to place the items.
    2. To achieve a functional space, keep in mind the activities you often do there.
    3. Furniture are long lasting items. Think of it as an investment and purchase high quality products.
    4. Try to match other areas’ designs. Think of whether you want wooden furniture and if so, it is oak-furniture or mahogany furniture, for example.

    Where to buy home furniture in Hitchin

    At Infoisinfo we always work hard to be able to show you where to buy or hire the best product and services for you and your company in Hitchin. This time, we want to help you to create the nicest and functional interior design for your home for an affordable price. For this reason, we’ve prepared a list of the best furniture dealers in Hitchin for you to buy from sectional sofas, TV stands, accent chairs or any other movables of great quality and appearance for home or the office. In our directory, you will find contact details of the best local furniture stores, like phone numbers, address, websites and opening times. In addition, you can have a look at comments and valuations from other buyers to get a better idea about the services. If you find it useful, please do not hesitate to share your opinion too so it can help others.